What you're saying here certainly rings true to me, as a prediction. We will be forced, as Lewis would say, to finally have faces and then come face to face for the first time, with the world and each other. The first challenge for us will be navigating these hardships, simply as hardships. The second, dealing with those who find the world isn't theirs anymore. Morgoth's recent post about being a good man among a bunch of vicious brutes comes to mind.

When those who openly proclaimed their moral victimhood and secretly reveled in their officially sanctioned status have both ripped away from them by this political splintering, they'll be pissed and violent to boot. When those who believed we were nothing but obsolete relics collide with the eternal truths of mankind, they'll want someone to blame for the death of their dream.

Worse still, the authorities used to holding power and some semblance of stability through optics and containment will see their power and rank slipping through their fingers. What happens when foxes, forced in the lion's role, panic?

As you said some years back, "It won't be 'the government doxxed me.' It will be 'the government doxxed me and men with machetes just showed up outside my door.'"

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But have you chosen a SIDE Dave my boy?

Are you a real nationalist that stands up for the sovereignty of East European states?

Or are you an irrelevant quantity disillusioned pseudo-rightist that'll just "stand this one out" as your European brothers and sister die? Or worse, will you side with the pseudo-antifa imperial state of Russia?

Nuance, schmuance.

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