In the LOTR, when Saruman is trapped in his tower, Gandalf goes to meet him. He admits that the task is dangerous and probably fruitless. Saruman tries to hypnotize with words, which worked before, but fails totally. At that point his contempt comes out. I think we should reveal the contempt that many of them have. There seems to be a lot of that happening.

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Feb 24, 2022·edited Feb 24, 2022

It's interesting to note, independant of the two procedure you advise us to follow with regards to "Democrat" and "Republican" boomers, a similar pattern : appeal to what they value the most and more precisely their fear of losing it.

The Red Tribe fears the perdition of mores and customs, the manner in which ones conduct himself, both religiously and civically while the Blue Tribe is haunted by the idea that the Progressive Utopia may in fact never come to fruition.

Which, I guess, makes sense. After all, if you are certain that your plan will lead to its desired end, what motives do you have to revise it ? And if in our plans we are uncertain, what then might we call this displeasant sensation that comes along our knowledge of the coming unknown ? "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” - Some racist probably...

On another note and while I'm not American, my own parents (who really are from the boomer generation) would fit the Blue archetype. I was born in 97 and am their youngest child, which I guess makes me Gen Z, right ? What's amazing is their capacity to still update themselves but nonetheless always in the same direction. Every once in a while, they have some modicum of a reaction to a trendy progressive thing. And I must admit it was pretty hilarious seeing my father trying to figure out why some random soccer player was being publicly decried for a "blackface at a Halloween party". But it never seems to be enough that they start asking questions.

Anyway, sometimes I ask myself if the mature course of action isn't simply to not redpill them at all. Perhaps it all starts with learning to carry the weight on your own.

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Great analysis, especially of the Blue State Boomer. I am working on a fictional book that re-lives their journey to our current dystopian hell.

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Excellent article.

Yes, trying to persuade Boomers is a waste of time.

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